The roof of the home is one of the most important defense against mother nature yet often the most neglected part of a home. A poorly installed shingle application will cause major problems down the line.Drywall damage,soffit ,moisture,and lets not forget mold,just to name a few.This can all be prevented by properly installing vapor barriers such as tar paper & water and ice shield in the correct places and a precise flashing job along walls,chimneys,skylights. Ventilation and properly installed bathroom exhaust fans are critical on the life expectancy of the shingles.Perhaps gutter guards installed when needed can be a great line of defense on a roof aswell.Ventilation is very important for a roof,proper ventilated soffit and ridge venting will create a good means of airflow. Insulation at the eves should be installed with egg crate designed baffles to eliminate the possibility of the insulation coming in contact with the roof sheething thus hindering air flow. I have installed most brands of shingles and i recommend Tamko orCertainteed shingles over other brands for quality,Gaf and Elk are good aswell.