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In almost every culture throughout history,some variation of columns have been used.The most notable column styles come from the ancient Greeks and Romans.
These two civilizations have contributed some of the most exquisite column designs in architecture.Each specific design has a shape,style,and dimension.
In 1952,an Italian Renaissance architect,Giacomo da Vignola,contributed to architectural history by documenting the exact proportions that each style of column should follow in order to be historically accurate and most visually appealing.Vignola's book on classic Greek and Roman architecture was based on the works of Vitruvius,an early Roman engineer and architect,who recognized the difference in dimensions between each of the ancient columns.
Each style of column has a specific architectural order,or guideline,that it must follow to be consistent with historacal designs.The most famous Greek Doric Order,Tuscan Order,Roman Doric Order,and Corinthian Order. Designed consistent to historically accurate proportions,we recommend the Endura Series column.They exhibit a true architectural taper and,according to Greek and Italian architects,columns should be constructed with this slight decline in the upper portion to provide the most visually appealing design.Endura Series Columns are manufactured following the classic architectural dimensions,or we can order any custom combination of height and width.This will guarantee the exact fit for the job, To the right is an example of a endura series project. Notice the proportion and eye appealing fit they portray.